The War of Chains is over, but the wizards foretell that an ancient and terrible prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Beneath the shadow of this impending doom, you will need to forge alliances and keep a close eye on your foes, and friends, alike. As a Player in Splinters of Ares, you will have to choose what path you take to your fortune and destiny.

Our team is composed of industry veterans, hungry new talent, and imaginative designers to keep methods of game creation ever-evolving and fresh. We’ve challenged every sacred cow in the gaming industry and are thrilled with the results. Our focus is on developing a next-generation game and trans-media platform. We are confident that our team can achieve this by investing in the world that we’re creating and inviting our players to do the same.

Like our lives, like our industry, like our world, nothing on Ares remains the same. Alliances, content, non-player characters – everything changes, and our players make choices throughout game play that create lasting effects.

By focusing on a creating a vast, non-static world, we’ve given our artists, writers, programmers and players an opportunity to really explore the boundaries of technology and storytelling.

Game Play

In the World of Ares, we want to bring the players deep into the game by providing choices that will define their character in very personal ways. Splinters of Ares is designed to allow for customized character development and story. Player choices have repercussions.

There are also a number of options to get from Point A to Point B. Where ever possible, we’ve sought to eliminate grinding and provide non-combative RPG options to provide a world sandbox. Our goal is to create an emotional investment in player characters unrelated to the amount of time spent grinding to max level.

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Player Classes

The idea of rigid classes is silly to us. We multi-class when we play table top RPGs, and we think the same should go for MMOs. On Ares, players gain skills each level by training with different class trainers, and players can explore various permutations of classes to develop custom characters.

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Look & Feel

Each of the areas in Splinters of Ares is based on different historical cultures and regions, each with their own distinct atmosphere, architectural style and cultural aesthetic. By basing regions on some of the more fantastic areas of our own world, players will find the world both familiar and foreign.

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Some people are naturally inclined to take the easy way out, while others make a concerted effort to help others in need. Still others choose to remain completely neutral. In Splinters of Ares, several quests provide the option to choose whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice your good name for a few extra coins, or whether you choose to walk the straight and narrow. All three alignments have their benefits – a character’s spells and abilities are closely tied to their alignments, and some factions won’t have anything to do with opposing alignments. Neutrality, though extremely beneficial when it comes to accessing the most diverse spells, skills and factions, is hard to maintain. Showing too much allegiance to the wrong faction can brand you a turncoat with others and no group takes kindly to double agents.

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Male Player Concept

Faction & Betrayal Engine

One of the most unique characteristics of the game is the ability to shape the world your character lives in via the Faction Engine. While there is currently no war on the starting game continent, the cities and towns are filled with rival guilds and groups. As players align with various factions, they gain the benefits of that allegiance while generating hostility with rival groups, which will affect game play. Our custom-developed Faction Engine will track the allegiances of the player characters and will affect the way quests are completed, for better or worse. In addition, getting on the bad side of certain factions can be hazardous to your health. If a faction feels it’s been double-crossed, it may put out a hit on you. On the back end, this means that throughout certain areas, non-player assassins lie in wait for players with certain flags to walk through and every forty minutes, they attack. As a player, it means that in certain areas, once you’ve been labeled a double-crosser, you must remain ever vigilant for assailants looking for revenge.

Some quest lines end in group quests involving turning in one item. At the end of the quest, there is an option for a player to either turn in the quest and share the loot with his group or betray all of them and keep the bounty for themselves. This earns the player Traitor Points and marks them for Retribution. Betrayed characters can set up a Vendetta against these traitors, generating a list of characters that they intend to Kill on Sight, which they can share with their player and non-player character factions. These Vendettas can be resolved in the arena, and the outcome of the fight earns them Retribution or Traitor points that can be redeemed for powerful gear.

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Female Player Concept

Player vs. Player

In many game engines, Player Versus Player (PVP) play takes place in arenas, battlegrounds, and throughout the game for bragging rights and rewards. However, in any logical world, repeated killing outside of a battlefield or arena is called murder and usually has its consequences.

In Splinters of Ares, some cities welcome combatants to the arena to settle their vendettas. Winners, in addition to settling their differences, gain points to redeem for specialty Retribution or Traitor gear. In other cities, where open combat is frowned upon, these same fights go underground in the form of illegal pit fights, but in either case, other players can show up to watch the combat, and maybe even wager some gold.

Outside of the cities, PvP is still an option, but it comes with a penalty. After achieving a certain number of PvP world kills, local cities will place a bounty on those characters. Good players and opportunists alike will have the option to check the Wanted posters for PvP players with bounties associated with them, and exact a little justice (and earn some money) of their own.

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Morphic World

Our Morphic World is a revolutionary new approach to game progression. As players on a server choose how to complete quests, the world in which they are playing changes. Major non-player characters can be killed off, denying or allowing access to later quests for everyone on the server. Entire towns could be destroyed. New zones can be opened for play, and old zones may fall into ruin based on the choices made by players. This means that different game servers may have wildly different worlds and quests, which gives the players an unprecedented amount of in-game control and immersion.

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Social Gaming & Combat

When player characters engage a player or non-player character, they have the option to engage in Social Combat, which includes a number of non-combat ways to change the relationship between the two characters, for good or bad. This opens up new options for level progression outside of traditional combat modes, meaning players don’t necessarily have to engage in the traditional game structures to participate in the Faction Engine and gain in-game prestige.