BullTiger Productions is excited to take existing technology one step further.  The ability to use the music, animation, environments, sound and actors for both film and game projects will provide a coherent, branded world that is ripe for player and viewer exploitation. The game animators will benefit from the use of stunt people designing real to life movements for the film, along with the added value of designing a world that will “sell” as a backdrop behind live actors for the game. The dynamic, fully-fleshed world created for the game will provide unprecedented options for current and future film creation.


Gode is a dark place in the clutches of the thieves’ guild, whose leaders fill their pockets with graft. The town seethes with corruption, but the town holds a strategic place as the nexus of southern trade routes and the only pass through the Burzac Mountains.  Merchants, strong arms, pick pockets and bards make their way to Gode, intent on making or taking their fortunes.

Grimes, a cocky young thief, has arrived in Gode in search of answers. His family slaughtered and his home put to the torch, he has spent much of his life hunting those that destroyed all he knew.

His trail has led him to the city of fester and vice. He is quickly recruited by Roman, the powerful leader of the thieves’ guild, who takes him under his wing. In the guild, he meets Pix, a cunning, beautiful safecracker. Their confrontational start gives way to a powerful attraction, entwining Grimes and distracting him from his obsessive search for his past.

While navigating the treacherous underworld of Gode, fending off cutthroats, assassins, dark magic, unnatural beasts and the political pitfalls of the festering trade city, Grimes begins to find clues to his past just as he is forced to take sides in a guild coup. Grimes finds the people he is coming to trust have been the very ones pulling his strings, putting his new found love and friends in mortal danger. Torn between these new allegiances and his obsession with his past, he allows himself to be used as a tool to clear a bloody path to new guild leadership.