BullTiger Productions is a state of the art cross-platform media company hell bent on chucking the rules and seeing what technology and good storytelling can really do. Our team is committed to learning trajectories over learning curves, pushing the envelope, and trying new things.

While our company is new, we believe this ensures that we aren’t stuck in the ruts of our predecessors. While we have included some of the industry’s top veterans on our staff, we also believe that there are new programmers, designers, developers, animators and film makers out there with incredible ideas and astonishing skill, and trust that between the veterans and the visionaries, we’ve got ourselves a superteam.


Stephen Brent Jenkins (Creative Director, Executive Producer) has been working with computers and coding for over a decade, holding contracts with most State of Texas organizations, including the Office of the Governor and the Attorney General.  For the last six years, he has worked as a contract Video and Special Effects technician, working on independent and major film productions.  Prior to his becoming involved in the computer industry, he was a martial artist, holding advanced black belts in six martial arts styles and black belts in twelve other styles from around the globe.  Currently, he brings this to film as a stunt performer and choreographer.  Additionally, he is an avid contributor to film and video technology, similar to some of the industry’s most recognized talents, including Geek at Play, Video CoPilot, and Freddy Wong.

Kalani Streicher (Creative Director, Executive Producer) is a veteran in the games industry with over 20 years experience. He has designed, developed and produced over 60 games across various consoles, PC, TV and mobile platforms. He managed the game franchises for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and designed, developed or produced award-winning titles such as X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces, Indiana Jones: Last Crusade, Loom, Mech Warrior 2, Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis, Super Star Wars Trilogy and many more.  Kalani founded several companies including Ronin Entertainment, Bansai and Kalani Games. Now Kalani is the Chief Creative Director of Kalani Games, a game studio that designs and develops premier console, casual, social, serious and mobile games. Kalani’s creative direction and philosophy is to focus on transmedia storytelling of new intellectual properties via proliferation of new media forms like console, online, social networks, iphone/ipod touch/ipad, film, TV animation, comic books and toys.

Adam Wade Rodriguez (Chief Writer, Creative Director) is a screenwriter and comedic performer.  With over twenty years of storytelling experience and thirty years of tabletop gaming experience, Adam brings a unique and dynamic perspective to quest line development.  He is an avid comic book aficionado, having worked for several of Austin’s largest Comic and Gaming stores, and an active painter and artist.  He has written a number of screenplays, including Kung Fu Hillbilly (Independent), Charva (MGM), Rogue (Independent) and Art Tools (Independent).

Kate Meehan (Chief Financial Officer) has over a decade of project management experience, working in architecture for five years and performing internal management for a number of design/build and other time sensitive projects.  In addition to her project management experience, she has served as internal auditor and financial control for a number of projects totaling over $900,000,000, ensuring projects she oversees come in on time and on budget. All of that aside, Kate is an avid historian, specializing in the European Early Modern Era, the Fin de Siecle and the Belle Epoch. She is also a physical performer, specializing in Commedia dell'Arte and mask work. She currently serves as the Managing Director of La Fenice, the only exclusive Commedia dell'Arte troupe within 500 miles of Austin.

Zombie Knight ConceptSteven “Mick” Giles (US, European and Asian Distribution) is an Entertainment Industry Executive assisting with project planning and industry contacts along with distribution within the United States, Europe, and Asian markets.  He is the former Technology Director and Senior Director of Online Operations of Electronic Arts, and Entertainment Industry advisor to Dreamworks SKG, and an advisor for NC Soft.  Shipped credits include FIFA, Need for Speed, Battlefield Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online:  Shadows of Agmar, Dungeons and Dragons Online:  Stormreach, Everquest I and II, Star Wars:  Galaxies, and The Sims.

Cooper Buckingham (Consultant) has worked in video games for ten years, starting at Electronic Arts as an Assistant Producer in 2001.  He has managed all elements of the game production industry, from contracts, content development, voice talent and sound production, combat system design, social system design, and the development of HeroEngine, HeroCloud and Idea System.  Shipped titles include Warhammer Online:  Age of Reckoning, Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, and The Sims (Sims 2 and The Sims Expansion Packs), along with an additional title from Sony Online that has not yet been announced.

Alistair Hirst (Audio Director) is a former Senior Audio Director at Electronic Arts, with over 20 years of experience in the game industry.  He launched the Need for Speed franchise as Audio Lead. His MMO credits include the Guild Wars trilogy (over 6.5 million in sales), Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.

Mark Galvin (Film Production and Distribution Consultant) has over 20 years’ experience in senior management and production for Games, TV, film, online, commercials and software, with emphasis on special effects.  His projects have received 5 EMMY Awards, 3 Golden Reel Awards, 4 CLIO Awards and 1 Academy Award.  His credits and titles include 21 games, 32 feature films, 24 TV series and 10 movies of the week.  Films include Total Recall, The Mask, Crimson Tide, The Crow, Shawshank Redemption, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Dennis the Menace, JAG, Moses, Earth 2, Hot Shots, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron:  Boy Genius, Primal Fear and The Three Muskateers.  Game credits include ESPN’s X-Games, Baseball, Black Widow Pool and the Medal of Honor Franchise.

Sally Jo Effensen (Film Production and Management) began her career with acclaimed director Peter Masterson. She has worked on many projects in various producing capacities that have included Smoke Signals, Restaurant, Eve’s Bayou, A Slipping Down Life and Mexican Sunrise. She has worked for musical artist Neil Young, positioning his feature Greendale for theatrical distribution with exposure in the film festival circuit. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where it received key critical acclaim.  Additional credits include Hide Away starring Josh Lucas (Lincoln Lawyer, Sweet Home Alabama) and James Cromwell (The Artist, Secretariat). She is currently producing horror film director Joe Dante’s Burying the Ex with Ashley Tisdale,and Mudbound based on the award-winning novel, with George Tillman, Jr. set to direct.

Zac Kadison (Strategic Development) is founder and CEO of BlackLight, a multi-media production company that works closely with Imagine (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code) and key Hollywood talent.  He works closely with the BullTiger Production team on IP Development, implementation, business development and strategic partnership opportunities, represents the company to top level industry executives and has final approval over greenlighting the Company’s projects for production.

Ben Hoyt (Strategic Development, Recruitment), is the founder and CEO of 47 Games Inc. Through 47 Games, he provides freelance production services to companies seeking to create mobile and social games and apps. Services provided to BullTiger Productions include strategic consulting, RFP creation, developer due diligence, internal and external project management, and talent recruitment.

Sue Bohle (Public Relations) has a long career in Public Relations for the technology sector.  She was Microsoft's first PR agency; launched Epson America, and Packard Bell. Other tech clients include Alienware, SONICblue, RePlay TV, Sampo, DealNews.com, Blackline, Emergent Technologies, BlogWorld Expo, PicScout, and Koss Resource.  As a pioneer of marketing for the technology industry, she was one of the earliest Public Relations agencies for video games. She has represented Atari, launched the 3DO Company, had a major role in building the Game Developers Conference into a major industry trade show, and worked on titles for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Vivendi Universal, Sega, and many foreign nationals.  She currently serves as the PR agency for Penny Arcade Expo, IGDA, IndieCade, Spacetime Studios, Kalends Games, Kodak (27 years), Capital Records, Kawasaki, Ford, and Grand Metropolitan (luxury brands).

Adam Mehr (Attorney) represents individuals and companies in a variety of entertainment-related business, financial, and legal affairs, including financing, development, acquisition, production and distribution of theatrical motion pictures, television movies and series, home video/DVD, interactive/video game projects, and new media.  He advises entertainment companies, including major studios, independent production companies, foreign sales agents and financiers, on all aspects affecting their business, including sophisticated 360 and trans-media deals, intellectual property protection worldwide, corporate matters, labor and employment matters, real estate issues, and arbitrations and litigation.

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (Corporate Attorney) is a premier mid-sized law firm with a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing sophisticated and pragmatic legal and business solutions for its clients. From their offices in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C., they serve an international clientele.   MS&K is often distinguished as a “go-to” firm by industry and legal insiders, and specializes in a variety of important practice areas, including Litigation, Intellectual Property & Technology, Labor & Employment, Entertainment & New Media, Immigration, Corporate Transactions, Homeland Security, Tax, Trusts & Estates, Real Estate and International Trade.


We are partnered with a number of companies exploring the frontiers of media technology. In addition to the film, we are also developing a suite of companion mobile apps, allowing for on-the-go game play.

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